torsdag 24. mars 2016

CT project with JoCee Designs kit: Color Me Happy and a tutorial + video

Today I will show you this awesome kit from JoCee Designs
I love the colors, the papers and all the awesome elements. I created a New planner week with it.
Here is my pages:
I thought I should told you how I do it.
First I create the boxes in my silhouette program, but you can do it in your program you use to create layouts in as well. Like Photoshop elements, Photoshop cs etc.
for the checklist with heart my boxes are 1.5 inch X 1.9 inch. The other small boxes is 1.5 inch X 0.36 inch and my teardrops is: 0.79 inch (but next time I will create it little smaller) same with the pageflags (1 inch X 0,65 inch)
Here is how it look when I have printed out my goodies:
I use a white paper and create a template after an erin condren planner in A5 size. You will see it
I have made a video how I created my pages. You can see the measurment here:
thanks for looking :)


fredag 4. mars 2016

CT project for JoCee Designs - Spring Blush Collection and a tutorial too + FREEBIE

First I will tell you what a Lucky girl I am. I have got a spot on JoCee Designs team, as a hybrid-/plannerscrapper. I love her style, you should take a closer look at her goodies here.
Yesterday she came out with this beautiful spring-/easterkit:
I created these Projects with it:
Divider using her WordArt for this month challenge. You can read more about the challenge here
 here is  the back. I created some post it notes and page flages too.
Here is my planner  ready for easterweek.
I also created a pocket for my plannergoodies.

Now it's time for the tutorial.

Today I will show you how I create divider(s) to my planner and how I create post it notes and pageflags.
For the divider I start to measure one of my pages in my planner. For my planner it was this size: 16,5 cm X 21,5 cm (6.5 inch X 8.5 inch)
I open up my PS and create a new page with the size 17,5 cm (1 cm wider than the page was) X 21,5 cm long
Then I find the paper I wanted to use. I picked this pretty watercolored paper. cropped it and had it into my new page.
Then I put in the WordArt and some elements.
Here is a photo of it before printing. If you want some shadow, do it now
Print it out on cardstock. If you have a laminate machine you can find a paper you want on the back. And print it out on the back of the same paper. If you are like me, can't use it, or don't have a machine. It's best to print the backpaper on a new cardstock. So it will be thick enough to hold post it notes, page flags and things you want on it.
Here is a photo of my backpaper I choosed from the kit:
I printed it out on a new cardstock, since I can't use a laminate machine, because of allergy. Then I glued the two pages together with permanent glue.
Since I wanted to have pos tit notes and pageflages at the back, I covered it up with contactpaper.
Here is my divider finish. I used a tabdies to created the tab, but you can create it in PS or just find a old divider at home and use the tab there as a template and cut it out.

Now is the postit notes and pageflags

It's very easy to create. I used my silhouette program to create it. But it no problem to do the same in PS.
I loved the easterbunny in the Easter Blush mini, so I had to have some of it as postit notes. Drag the bunny into your program.
Create a new page in A4 size. Now you can drag the easterbunny onto that page. I had room for 5 bunnies on the top.
Then I drag the eastercard into my program. I did this smaller:
W= 2,359 inch X 1,771 inch I had room for 3 of these.
So was it the page flages. these are Perfect for small notes to remember, decorate with in your planner. I have made a template for you, you can download it in the bottom of this tutorial.
I drag the template into my page, I had room for 30 flags. choose the papers you want, and print it out.
Here is my page printed out:
now it's just to cut it out and use non permanent glue to stick the postnotes and pageflags together.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Download here: pageflag template