torsdag 24. mars 2016

CT project with JoCee Designs kit: Color Me Happy and a tutorial + video

Today I will show you this awesome kit from JoCee Designs
I love the colors, the papers and all the awesome elements. I created a New planner week with it.
Here is my pages:
I thought I should told you how I do it.
First I create the boxes in my silhouette program, but you can do it in your program you use to create layouts in as well. Like Photoshop elements, Photoshop cs etc.
for the checklist with heart my boxes are 1.5 inch X 1.9 inch. The other small boxes is 1.5 inch X 0.36 inch and my teardrops is: 0.79 inch (but next time I will create it little smaller) same with the pageflags (1 inch X 0,65 inch)
Here is how it look when I have printed out my goodies:
I use a white paper and create a template after an erin condren planner in A5 size. You will see it
I have made a video how I created my pages. You can see the measurment here:
thanks for looking :)


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  1. Absolutely wonderful. love watching you work (especially with my products ;)) thank you sweetie xx


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